Electronic taps are increasingly used in public places because of the potential to reduce water consumption, but the need to have a power point for installation often limits the use of this solution.


The countertop lavatory faucet Decalux Save from Duratex company was developed with the purpose of offering a solution that fills this limitation. The equipment has a microturbine capable of generating clean energy necessary for its operation, even from a low pressure (from 4 l/min). During product development, which took about two years, the biggest challenge was adapting the functioning of hydro-generator to Brazilian conditions. In chrome-plated brass, the equipment released in 2013 runs at a working pressure of 20 kPa to 400 kPa and with a low power electronic system with dual electrical protection.

Due to the technology used, the faucet dispenses electric connection and not depends exclusively on batteries – energy stored in capacitors on the Board, being stored for use following up to two hours in standby mode. From that period, with the unloading of the condensers, the energy to turn the tap is removed from the backup batteries (two AA type batteries). According to the manufacturer, in a situation of frequent use, hardly the backup batteries are required, being only a must be replaced by reach the limit of their service life, which may occur only every seven or ten years.

With optical sensor operation associated with a constant flow, vandal-resistant aerator, the faucet is able to save about 70% water when compared to conventional taps, according to the manufacturer. Examples of Decalux Save were already installed in some public enterprises, as in the recently built Stadium of Palmeiras (Allianz Park), in São Paulo.