One of the most prominent products of the 2015 BAU, architecture fair, materials and systems for building was held from 19 and 24 January in Munich, Germany, was the Mörtelpad, from the german Maxit, which consists of prefabricated mortar plates. Produced with resources of mineral origin, the technology enables the application of mortar on the surface of floors and walls of practical and uniform way.

The Mörtelpad is composed of a rectangular layer of mortar coated with a water soluble adhesive of about three millimeters thick. When dissolved, the adhesive material is absorbed by the mortar, making it uniform when applied.

To apply the mortar, simply moisten the surface, put the prefabricated boards, cutting them according to the required size and shape, and wet the mortar for about five seconds.


Among the advantages of using this new technology, which does not require expertise to handle, is the reduction of preparation time, applying the mortar, eliminating any auxiliary tool for placing the material and reducing the waste of materials and construction waste generation.

In times of scarce skilled labor in construction, this type of material causes a great impact since ready to apply out of the box, not requiring specialized workforce on the spot for its application. Only one session of training on implementation and maintenance of the product is required.

Currently there is also a great concern regarding sustainability, and this product, with a low waste production, broadly covers that part of the problem.

Also, regarding the waiting time, improvents will be noticed, since the current mortar requires a certain drying time and in this case, plate drying is done in a smaller period, thus setting the environment ready for the next steps, in a short space of time.