The concept of auto sustainable buildings has gained a new ally that allows a considerable reduction in the energy consumption of the building. We talk about a new concept that comes up in England, the Solar Squared, a glass block designed to fit perfectly into new buildings, or as part of remodelling projects with the ability to generate electricity.

Solar Squared can become part of the architecture of a building to generate electricity. The authors of this product have created an innovative glass block, which can be incorporated into constructions, being designed to store solar energy and convert it into electricity. This phenomenon occurs because of the intelligent internal lenses that reflect the solar radiation received for small solar cells, increasing the total energy generated by each solar cell. Thus, the electricity produced is available to supply the building, be stored or used to carry electric vehicles, reducing the energy costs of the construction where it is applied.

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The team created the company Build Solar, which came to be by requiring investments to carry out the commercial tests of the product and put launch on the market has its launch planned for 2018. Dr. Hasan Baig, founder of Solar Build and researcher at the Institute for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Exeter, states that the creation of his company may be beneficial to UK’s long-term economy.