OBRAMAX was opened to the public on January 24th. It is the first wholesale shop for construction materials in Brazil, a new concept of store implemented in South America, by Grupo ADEO.

This new concept of trade in construction materials is dedicated to the business client, intending to respond to the small and medium-sized entrepreneur, as well as to small and medium enterprises in the construction industry, but also to the final customer.

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It is based on a concept of trade, with differentiated prices for retailers and wholesalers, that is, the customer has the possibility to buy the part/unit or bulk/pallet.

The innovation of this concept, also takes advantage, the possibility of the customer can take their purchases of higher volume at the moment, having a Drive-Thru at your disposal, where you can circulate with your vehicle, and load the material on the spot as it circulates in your Interior, undoubtedly an added value in the purchase of building materials.

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This shop is the first store of its kind in Brazil and the brand and is located in the city of São Paulo, in the neighbourhood of Mooca/Cambuci.

Its main focus is the service of professionals in the construction segment, large-volume buyers (construction companies), autonomous professionals (architects, engineers, contractors, electricians, painters, and decorators), Professional specialists (woodworkers, locksmiths and tillers), installation and maintenance companies of condominiums and neighbourhood stores. It has as motto, open trade for all, given that the store also meets the final consumer.

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This unit opened its doors with the EDGE certification – Sustainable Construction for Emerging Markets, created by IFC (International Finance Corporation), an institution member of the World Bank Group.

One of the factors of differentiation of this enterprise is energy efficiency, with thought aimed at reducing costs in the operation. The enterprise with a total area of 30,000.00 m2 has efficiency systems such as LED illumination, combined with the Zenithal lighting system in the roof, forced air conditioning system without air-conditioning, ensuring thermal comfort to customers and Reutilization of rainwater that after treatment are reused in discharges of sanitary installations and in the irrigation system of the green spaces.

This certification is unprecedented in constructions in Brazil. It allows architects and engineers to optimize the resources of their projects, resulting in more economical and high-value-added buildings.

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The company’s CEO, Michael reins, underlines the importance of the sector in the country and the great potential for market growth – “A survey by Secovi (Housing Union), in partnership with Getulio Vargas Foundation, estimates that from 2015 to 2025, Brazil needs to build 14.5 million of new residences to suppress the housing deficit. Construction has always been a strong lever for Brazilian growth. In 2017, the national GDP is estimated to be + 2.7%, while the construction sector is + 7%,”he states. ”According to Sebrae, there are more than 1 million micro and small companies that work in construction. Still according to Sebrae, the building materials stores are the third largest segment of trade in number of companies. This market is absolutely relevant to Brazil, “he added.

The store has a sales area with 10000 m2 and an estimated deployment cost of R $110 million. It brings to Brazil the self-service of construction materials, with a selected range of more than 18000 technical products of professional brands, with wholesale prices.


With services such as immediate delivery of materials, cutting of wood plates, parking covered with exhibition area of materials, where the customer can enter with the vehicle itself for the loading of the items and direct purchase at the time, credit Facilitated and visualization of the stock available in store through the site, Obramax seeks to combine the ease of purchase in proximity with the customer, in particular the professionals of the branch.

In addition to the physical store, the customer will also have the option of being serviced by teleshopping and online, through e-commerce, having the same amount of products available in large volumes and ready for delivery.

“We always respect the customer and want to make the purchase of building materials an incredibly easy, agile, professional, reliable and friendly experience,” highlights Michael reins, which highlights the design of the store, with a central corridor with sections and fairly visible products for those who enter the site, can take them easily, even if they are large volumes.

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“We at Obramax strongly believe in Brazil and we’re focused on doing our part and make a difference.”

In Europe, Obramax is known by the names of Bricoman and Bricomart (in Spain) and is present in Italy, Poland, France and Spain. There are over 7000 collaborators, divided into 77 units. The stores have a sales area, on average between 5000 m² and 10000 m².

Obramax is a flag belonging to the Adeo group, which was born in 1923, with the brand Leroy Merlin, today led by the Family Association Mulliez (AFM). It is currently the third largest world trade group for construction materials and the 1st in Europe. It counts with 34 autonomous companies, over 700 own stores and 480 units, divided into 14 independent brands. The institution employing about 100,000 employees, has earned more than €19 billion in 2016 and meets 1 million of customers per day in the world.

The team of DDN Brasil, was pleased to participate in this new project and have an active role in the growth of the new brand. We put at the disposal of our client, all our knowledge, so that at all phases of the project is applied to our vast experience in the management of trade enterprises, from the strategy phase to the entry stage of operation in the store.