NaturDecoTech is a thermal-acoustic panel for sound insulation, which uses leather as its raw material, being manufactured under environmental criteria, with 100% recycled material in its composition that allows for perfect acoustics, great temperature stability, being also quite resistant to humidity.

The manufacturing process begins with the meeting and separation of the material, which is composed of 100% of animal skin. This skin is crafted and prepared to advance to the manufacture of the final product in specialized machines that transforms the material into panels with 200 × 100 cm, showing 3 to 6 cm thick, these can present a single colour, multicolour or with the front of the panel fully distinct from the verse.

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Due to its characteristics (sound reduction Index – minimum 26 DB, Class E for reaction to fire, excellent absorption coefficient and insulation index), its application covers a wide range of situations, being able to go from dwellings, hotels, Congress rooms, schools, hospitals and gyms, to places requiring the maximum reduction of sound transmissible to other divisions, can also be used in theatres, cinema, coliseums, among other places requiring good acoustics. In parallel, due to its aesthetic effect, it can also be used as a decorative solution.