Having a swimming pool in a residence is a common desire, however, issues such as security and space often arise as a hindrance to fulfilling such desire. Agor Engineering, an Israeli company, has developed a solution that solves these issues at once.

Agor Engineering has developed a flexible and secure system that can control the level of water at the touch of a single button. When pressed, it triggers a hydraulic jack, which slowly pushes towards the bottom, the stainless steel base that covers the tank.

Available with finish in the deck, turf or ceramic versions, the Agor’s stainless steel surface, in addition to ensuring safety, optimizes the pool area for other uses, as it supports up to 200 kg per m².

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This solution allows you to have in the same space, a pool or a deck to enjoy your moments with family and friends.

Due to the hydraulic drive, the base can only go down a few centimetres, thus creating a water mirror that refreshes the environment and allows children to play without any danger of drowning.

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Watch the video of this product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxAAy_RSkeQ

Sources: http://www.agor-eng.com/