Designed for kitchen, Zera ™ Food Recycler reduces food waste in more than two-thirds of its original volume, through a fully automated process, which allows in just 24 hours to get, as an end product, ready-to-use fertilizer on your lawn, plants and garden.

The system combines an herbal additive, blades to grind food waste and appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity. Besides allowing reuse a product regarded as trash, causes the user to avoid the purchase of fertilizer for your garden, thus decreasing the budget of your internal costs and, at the same time, help the planet by reducing household waste.

The Zera ™ Food Recycler, priced at USD 1.119,00 USD (1.059,94€) plus shipping costs, is in a process of crowdfunding which an the goal of reaching 50,000.00 USD. The project managed to this date, to gather 437,815.00 USD, proving that the idea although not cheap, was welcomed with enthusiasm and may have an impact in the near future.

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