Following the trend in other markets, the use of reusable materials and products by the construction market already takes a considerable slice. The idea of reharnessing a container and converting it into a pool comes from Canada. This idea, besides being financially attractive, allows you to build a pool at your house in a matter of hours.

“Modpools”, a Canadian company, decided to develop this idea, taking advantage of the characteristics that a container presents (structural rigidity, format and dimensions) and transforming it into a pool. Furthermore, it has incorporated a heating system that ensures water temperatures up to a pleasant 30º C in 1 hour time, even if the atmospheric temperature outside is -10º C, and it is possible to use this system through an application of your smartphone.

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The Modpool pools are available in the market in two sizes: 2.4 × 6 meters and 2.4 × 12.2 meters, presenting both models a depth of 1.35 meters. Moreover they have a built-in hydromassage bathtub, all of this for a value of about 50% of the cost of a conventional pool, and a base price of about EUR 24,000.

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