The growing market for innovation in the area of photovoltaic cells has produced yet another novelty. After creating tiles with embedded photovoltaic panels, now comes a tile that is a solar panel!

Tesla developed a tile that converts sunlight into electricity and maintains the appearance of a common tile, thus making it more accepted as it eliminates the visual impact on housing.

These tiles are composed of a high-efficiency solar cell manufactured by Panasonic which is covered with a “colour film”, allowing the cells to be “camouflaged” on the roof, and then applied to the upper part a tempered glass, which ensures three times more resistance than conventional shingles. With an integrated Powerwall battery, the energy collected during the day is stored and can be used at any time.

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According to information distributed by Tesla, 1 square metre should be around 272.22 USD, so given it is not a very competitive price, Tesla ensures that due to its lifetime warranty offered and the guarantee of power generation for 30 years, it estimates that their solar roof will be cheaper than regular roofs, or that it pretty much pays off itself through the electrical bill savings.