The possibility of having a house or a division of the house, through a modular mobile system is already possible in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the technology developed by the British company TEN FOLD ENGINEERING.

At a time when the concept of “sustainability” is seen as the main vector in the development of any project, especially, and increasingly, in the construction sector, there are companies that take the concept literally and develop sustainable technology for the benefit of the final users. TEN FOLD ENGINEERING is one of those companies that have developed an innovative housing concept.

Starting from a basic “mould”, which is based on a 12-metre (40 ft) maritime container, the company already provides, for a slightly higher amount than €110,000.00, a modular housing, which transports itself by means of a standard TIR truck and which, placed at the desired location , you’re ready to live in just 10 minutes.

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The house “unfolds” by itself, and its structure can unfold up to 3 times its compressed size (closed container), being the key of this concept, a patented lever system that controls counterbalanced hinge bonds.

The housing is provided with all basic furniture indispensable to everyday life as well as with all partitions. They have kitchen and WC included, but there is the option of joining external modules for this functionality, thus staying with more interior space. It can be connected to any existing infrastructure, or even be auto-filled through, for example, photovoltaic panels. The system is equipped with support platforms, thus forfeiting the burdens with the need to perform foundations, and only the terrain is required to be leveled.

It is a highly flexible concept since, according to TEN FOLD Engineering, the house can be expandable at any time by adding more container modules and building the desired layout.

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Given the flexibility of the concept developed, TEN FOLD ENGINEERING extends its application to any type of housing structure, offices, commerce, hospital services, or even car parking structures, etc. The applicability of the concept is very wide, but it always has as a conductive line, the speed and solidity in its implementation and use, allied to its high mobility and sustainability.

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