There are already on the market, windows that turn into balconies by fully manual or fully automated action. Specially developed for buildings with marked restrictions at the level of exterior space, this solution allows the inclusion of balconies in the architectural project or in high density urban areas.

Therefore we talk about a window capable of becoming a balcony in a few minutes or even seconds. The advantages of this type of windows are mainly based on the increase in the design possibilities of smaller houses, offering their users the chance to enjoy the outdoor space without leaving the house and without the usual concerns of cleaning and maintenance of conventional balconies. On the other hand, they are the fastest way to add natural light, ventilation and the sensation of opening to your spaces under the roof. The impact in terms of sunlight and fresh air, not to mention the view, is amazing.

There are two option: windows that open by manual action, such as those of the images above that have a cost that can be located between the €1,600.00 and the €4,100.00, depending on the size and the finishes chosen and those that open in a completely automated way, as described in the following paragraph.

Imagine the feeling of looking at a façade of a building with only windows and, in a period of approximately 60 seconds, to see balconies instead of windows, or better yet, a mosaic of balconies and windows that constantly change as a billboard advertising. From now on this scenario will be possible, thanks to a system patented by the Dutch atelier Hofman Dujardin Architects, the Bloomframe. This is a simple system, completely automatic, which is characterized, in the background, as a modular window that turns into a balcony or, put differently, on a dynamic balcony.

Foto 1

Available in 3 measurements, L, XL and XXL, provides the user with a flexible environment and way of life. When opening, it allows the exit through the façade of the building and enjoy the fresh air, achieving a genuine sense of being outside. This window is both recommended for renovations of buildings, such as new constructions, of any scale, being ideal for private dwellings, office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels and even cruise ships.

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The window turns into a balcony with a single touch of a button. The prices range from the €9,700.00 to the €12,300.00 and can be fully supplied to the customer’s measure.

With the advance of technology, the motto “Anything is Possible” is, unequivocally, true!